Training for a marathon is a marathon, not a sprint

As I begin preparation to run my second marathon this fall I thought it would be interesting to map my training for the first marathon I ran.  Over the past few years I’ve tracked almost every run using the Nike running app and my iPhone’s GPS. To create this map I downloaded all my runs’ GPX data between April and September 2013 and imported it into a Mapbox map project. The map shows my training throughout Omaha in blue and the culminating marathon in pink. Below is an interactive map you can zoom in and out of to get a better sense of where my popular running routes were.


It’s about 5 months to my next marathon – looks like I better get running!

Update 6/8/2016:

Thanks to a reddit comment I found a great free online tool that creates personal running/biking heatmaps using Strava’s API. I had already imported all my Nike+ runs into Strava so I was able to recreate the same map with this tool – the result below ended up looking pretty cool!


Strava Heatmap2

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